Christian Swenson - “Morphoman”


Look, up on the stage!! 

It’s a dancer... a singer!

It’s a bubble... a dinosaur!



More powerful than a speeding thought.Able to leap tall buildings in his imagination. Morphoman is a virtual “one man animal-kingdom.” (Seattle Times) Seemingly rearranging his very DNA, Morphoman conjures characters, dinosaurs, aliens, and body music

on the spot. He is a living, breathing, moving, singing,

dancing transforming machine. The result is startling, inspirational and highly entertaining. As the Seattle Weekly observed, Morphoman is “the most perfect toy a child could imagine.”

“A delightful show that enchanted

adults and children alike.”

Vancouver Intl. Children’s Festival

Morphoman, born Christian Swenson, has performed at

schools and theaters across North America and at festivals

worldwide.A recipient of a US National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, Swenson teaches choreography at Seattle University and has conducted numerous Artist-in-Residence programs for school children in the US and Canada. He has performed at both the

Vancouver and Vancouver Island Children’s Festivals.

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